All our climbing trips are starting from La Paz.


Huayna-PotosiAABC03    Huayna Potosi (6088m/19969ft)    2D/1N

With its impressive height of 6088m, Huayna Potosi is an attractive presence for your eyes besides being an interesting, and challenging climb.
Day 1: La Paz – Base Camp.
We drive for 2 hours from La Paz to the Zongo plateau at 4,700 m, and then we climb along the moraines until we reach the glacier and our campsite called The Falcons Nest.

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AABC04   Illimani South Peak (6460m/ 21189ft)       4D/3N


Day 1: La Paz – Pinaya - Puente Roto.
Drive from La Paz for 4 hours to the town of Cohoni through the Valley of the Souls. After a 4-hours trek we arrive at Puente Roto, our base camp at 4500m.


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AABC05   Illampu (6380m/20926ft) Classic route    8D/7N

The route is technically demanding and strenuous. The climb is intended for experienced climbers.
Day 1: La Paz – Sorata - Ancohuma.
We drive from La Paz to the colorful valley of Sorata, at the foothills of the Illampu. Then we continue our car ride for the village of Ancohuma at 4040 m.

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AABC06 Ancohuma (or Jankhouma) (6430m / 21090ft) Classic route  9D/8N


Day 1: La Paz – Ancohuma Village.
We drive from La Paz to Sorata village where we have our lunch. Then we continue by 4WD for about 4 hours until we reach the town of Ancohuma, lying at the foothills of the Illampu. Camp at 3900m. LB, D.


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AABC08   Sajama Vulcano (6542m/21458ft)    6D/5N

In the heart of the Sajama National Park and in the west mountain range, the highest point of Bolivia, the Sajama summit towers out from its beautiful surrounding with plenty of wildlife and great landscapes.



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AABC07   Parinacota Volcano (6330m/20763ft)    4D/3N

Located in the Sajama National Park, the Parinacota is a beautiful snow-capped cone shaped volcano situated on the Chilean and Bolivian border. From its summit we get great views of its sister volcanoes Sajama to the northeast and Pomerata. On clearly days we can see the Pacific Ocean to the west. After a straightforward climb up to the summit.


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AABC06     Condoriri (5648m / 18525ft)   4D/3N

Day 1: La Paz – Chiarkhota.
Depart from La Paz in the morning bound for trailhead at Laguna Tuni at 4200m. After a four-hour hike we arrive at Chiarkhota Lagoon, the shores of which serve as base camp (elevation 4700m).


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