AAEC01     Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)    2D/1N

Cotopaxi is known as one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Its summit reaches the altitude of 5897m above sea level and it is in fact one of the most impressive mountains in Ecuador.
Day 1: From Quito we drive south to the Cotopaxi National Park. Our transport will take us to the parking lot at 4600m.

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Cotopaxi-Volcano-summit-5897mAAEC02     Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)    3D/2N

Day 1: From Quito we drive south towards the Cotopaxi National Park. Set up campsite on Limpiopungo valley (3800m).  In the afternoon we will make an acclimatization trek towards the rim (4600m) of the Rumiñahui Volcano. Return to the campsite. (LB, D).


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AAEC03     Cayambe Volcano (5790m)    2D/1N

The Cayambe (The Mountain of the Sun) is a high volcano located in the eastern range and close to the Amazon basin. An interesting fact is that this mountain is crossed by the equatorial line so is considered a sacred mountain (Apu) by the local indigenous people. 


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Mount-ChimborazoAAEC04    Chimborazo Volcano  (6310m)    2D/1N

Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest and largest mountain. For a long time it was considered as the world’s highest mountain (in fact it is due to the earth’s equatorial bulge, which makes the peak of Chimborazo the farthest point from the center of earth). Climbing this spectacular mountain is physically demanding but the breathtaking view is worth the effort. 


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chimborazo-ecuador-hikingAAEC05     Chimborazo Volcano (6310m)     3D/2N

Day 1: Early departure from Quito, by car drive south on the Pan-American Highway until we reach the slopes of Chimborazo. After approximately 5 hours the drive ends at the lower Carrel mountain hut (4800m). After lunch we will have time for an acclimatization walk.


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illinizaAAEC06     North Illiniza (5100m)     2D/1N

The North Illiniza is a great mountain as a preparation for more challenging climbs.

Day 1: Early departure from Quito by car towards Machachi and then continue to the hacienda “El Refugio” at 2800m.  From here we start our hike towards the upper hills at the base of the North Illiniza on the place known as La Virgen at 3900m where we set up our camp. (LB, D).

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Iliniza Sur Ecuador 0576aAAEC07     South Illiniza (5248m)     2D/1N

The South Illiniza offers different climbing experiences with different routes, all of them demanding technical skills.  This mountain offers a great opportunity for an exciting climb.



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antisanaAAEC08      Antizana Volcano (5753m)     4D/3N

For experienced climbers Antisana is one of the most exciting and challenging mountains in Ecuador. Nevertheless, non-technical climbers following the normal route that goes on the south-western slopes can also climb it (of course accompanied by one of our professional, experienced mountain guides).

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AAEP01     Trekking & Climbing on The Cotopaxi National Park Volcanoes      10D/9N

The Cotopaxi National Park, with an area of 35000 hectares, is a very interesting and beautiful natural area for eager climbers and adventurers. The valley of Limpiopungo at an average height of 3800m is located at the base of the following volcanoes: the Rumiñahui (4712m), the Sincholagua (4898m) and the Cotopaxi (5897m).


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CorazonAAEP02    The Volcanoes Climbing Expedition     12D/11N

Climbing Mount Corazon (4788m); North Illiniza (5120m); Cotopaxi (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m) Volcanoes.

Day 1: Arrival in Quito.
Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodations in very good quality 3 star hotels (upgrades upon request).

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AAEP03  Climbing the Avenue of the Volcanoes     16D/15N

During this trip we can enjoy the marvels of ice and snow climbing in the middle of the world. We will climb five mountains in Ecuador: Imbabura (4600m), Cayambe (5780m), North Illiniza (5116m), Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m).


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volcan-cayambeAAEP04     Climbing Volcanoes & Jungle Tour    15D/14N

This tour combines the climbing of Cayambe and Cotopaxi volcanoes with a previous acclimatization on lower altitude mountains. Then you will enjoy an expedition to the marvelous and intriguing Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.                                                    

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cotopaxi-15AAEP06     Trekking Ecuador    16D/15N

Ecuador, one of the smallest of the Andean nations, is a land of breathtaking variety and home to numerous snow-capped volcanoes and peaks of the high Andes. This exclusive Andes Adventures tour is designed around two challenging and rewarding high-altitude treks.


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