Polish Glacier Traverse Route (18 days)


This is an alternative and beautiful path which takes you to the summit of the highest Mountain in America. Aconcagua will express its most rustic side, as an adventurous spirit will enlighten the trail with every step. We will walk across the Vacas Valley up to Plaza Argentina base camp. Then we follow the Polish Glacier route up to Camp 2. Crossing the mythic base of the Polish Glacier we will take the Normal Route, in the last stretch up to Camp 3. From there we will try the Summit of Aconcagua. The descent follows the normal route, down to the well known Plaza de Mulas base camp.

This route is in fact in one of the most beautiful sides of Mount Aconcagua 

Day 1: Mendoza (2508ft - 760m)
From the airport or bus station, transfer to the Hotel in Mendoza. In the evening we organize a meeting with your guides for checking your personal equipment and general briefing about the climbing.  

Note: If you need some climbing gear you can rent or buy it. Please let us know during the meeting.  

Day 2: Mendoza / Puente del Inca (8992ft - 2725m)
In the morning help you with obtaining the climbing permit. Transfer to Puente Del Inca Village. Lodging in a local hostel and preparation of the loads for the mules. (B, L, D).  

Day 3: Puente del Inca/Pampa de Leñas (10230ft - 3100m)
Drive to Quebrada de Vacas and start our first day trekking to our camp at Pampa de Leñas. (B, LB, D).  

Day 4: Pampa de Leñas/Casa de Piedra (11880ft - 3600m)
Trekking to Casa de Piedra Camp. (B, LB, D. 

Day 5: Casa de Piedra/Plaza Argentina Base Camp (13200ft - 4000m)
Trek to Plaza Argentina base camp. (B, LB, D).  

Day 6: Plaza Argentina Base Camp (13200ft - 4000m)
Resting day at Plaza Argentina. (B, L, D)  

Day 7: Plaza Argentina / Camp 1 (16335ft - 4950m) / Plaza Argentina
Acclimatization trek and transportation of material to Camp 1 and return to Plaza Argentina. (B, LB, D)

Day 8: Plaza Argentina Base Camp (13200ft - 4000m)
Resting day in Plaza Argentina. (B, L, D) 

Day 9: Plaza Argentina / Camp 1 (16335ft - 4950m)
Climb to Camp 1. (B, LB, D) 

Day 10: Camp 1 / Camp 2 - Upper Guanacos (18095ft - 5500m)
Climb to Camp 2. (B, LB, D) 

Day 11: Camp 2 (18095ft - 5500m)
Resting day at Camp 2. (B, L, D)  

Day 12: Camp 2 / Camp 3 (19740 f - 6000 m)
Climb to Camp 3 by making a traverse to the Normal Route crossing the mythic base of the Polish Glacier. (B, LB, D)

Day 13: Camp 3 / Summit (22974 f – 6962 m) / Camp 3
From Camp 3 climb to the summit of Aconcagua. Today we will follow the normal route North Face route. Return to Camp 3. (B, LB, D)  

Day 14: Camp 3 / Plaza de Mulas base camp (Normal Route)
Today we descent from Camp 3 to Plaza de Mulas base camp (Normal Route). (B, LB, D) 

Day 15: Plaza de Mulas base camp / Puente del Inca / Mendoza
Descent to Puente del Inca and from here we drive to the city of Mendoza. Hotel accommodations. (B, LB) 

Day 16: Transfer to the airport Transfer from the hotel to the airport. (B)

Day 17: Extra day for contingencies (bad weather that may prevent the normal development of the program).  (B,L,D) 

Day 18: Extra day for contingencies (bad weather that may prevent the normal development of the program).  (B,L,D) 

B: Breakfast / L: Lunch; LB: lunch box / D: Dinner.    

Gross price per person: us$ 3690. –    

Tour Operators Commission: 10% 

Outlined itinerary is a guide line but it can be changed due to weather conditions or other circumstances. 

What is Included:
Airport transfers, Hotel in Mendoza (good quality 3/4 stars hotel); Lodge accommodations at Puente del Inca (or Penitentes); our assistance to obtain your climbing permission; extra luggage storage in Mendoza; Return transport from Mendoza to Puente del Inca and to Quebrada de Vacas; all noted meals; Mules; Mule keepers; Main English/Spanish speaking professional mountain guide and guide assistants; Radio communication (VHF and BLU); First Aid kit; Communal climbing gear; Complete camping equipment. 

Not Included:
Park Entrance fees; extras; personal climbing/trekking equipment; International and domestic flights; drinks and extras in Puente del Inca; Extra expenses if you abandon the expedition before the termination of it; Personal Insurance.  

Aconcagua Polish Glacier Traverse Route (18D/17N): 
2015/2016 Fixed Departures Expedition Dates




January 2015

8,17, 24

February 2015


December 2015

1, 8, 18, 29

January 2016

8,17, 24

February 2016



Suggested Equipment and Clothing


  • - 2 pairs of synthetic inner socks
  • - 4 pairs of thick socks for cold (sky type)
  • - 1 pair of comfortable trekking boots
  • - 1 pair of gaiters


  • - 1 pair of fine synthetic pants
  • - 1 pair of thick shelter pants
  • - 1 pair of rainproof pants
  • - 1 pair of comfortable long pants (trekking type)


  • - 2 synthetic underwear shirts
  • - 1 turtleneck of synthetic material
  • - 1 fleece jacket of alike
  • - 1 shelter jacket (down or synthetical)
  • - 1 rainproof jacket


  • - Sun cap or hat
  • - Shelter hat (wool or fleece)
  • - Light balaclava
  • - A good pair of sunglasses with UV filter and nose and side protection
  • - A pair of sky goggles
  • - A handkerchief for the neck


  • - 2 pairs of light inner gloves
  • - 2 pairs of rainproof gloves for shelter (mitten type)

Expedition material:

  • - Book, walkman or anything that helps to be distracted in the tent
  • - 1 Sunscreen (never less than factor 20)
  • - Water bottle for two litter
  • - 6 pairs of hand warmers
  • - Sleeping mattress for high mountain
  • - Personal care elements
  • - Front lamp with extra batteries
  • - An stainless steel thermo of one litter or half a litter
  • - Personal crockery (bowl, cup, fork and spoon)
  • - Synthetic or duvet sleeping bag for – 35 ºC

Technical equipment:

  • - 1 comfortable backpack of 80 liters or more
  • - 1 pair of double or triple boots for high mountain (suitable for 7000 meters and – 40ºC temperature)
  • - Semi-automatic crampons
  • - 1 pair of telescopic poles
  • - 1 ice axe
  • - 1 helmet





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