Madidi Park and Rurrenabaque
The small city of Rurrenabaque is the starting point for a trip to the Amazonian pampas, and the jungle of Bolivia. This little frontier settlement, perched between the surrounding jungle and the River Beni, is the loveliest of the Bolivian lowland villages. A trip on the river in a dugout canoe is an unforgettable experience. The rainforest and pampas are abundant in wildlife and many visitors come to see anacondas, capybaras (the world’s largest rodent), monkeys, turtles, macaws, caimans, piranhas, and even to swim with the pink dolphins. The tapir and armadillo are difficult to spot, often deep in the impenetrable tangle of the jungle, but there is plenty of bird life to be seen and heard. The jungle and pampas are also home to many species of insects and spiders, including an unfortunate abundance of mosquitoes. The best time to visit this area is from May to November (dry season)



AABJ01   Pampas Tour (Anaconda Tour) 4D/3N

Day 1: Rurrenabaque – Jungle Lodge.
By car we will depart from Rurrenabaque towards the protected municipality area of the Yacuma River where the Jungle Lodge is located.  


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AABJ02   Jungle & Bird Watching Tour (Madidi Park)    4D/3N

Day 1: Rurrenabaque – Jungle Camp.

By a motorized canoe we depart from Rurrenabaque on the Beni River toward our Lodge site at the Tuichi River (about 3 1/2 hours navigation). Upon arrival we welcome you and serve lunch.


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