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Trekking and hiking in Ecuador is an enjoyable experience. Our tours will take you along spectacular landscapes of great beauty. The country offers several trekking alternatives ranging from easy, soft adventures; to hard, more demanding trips. For our tours we provide first class camping equipment, professional mountain guides, private transportation, and meals.


Ruco-Pichincha-VolcanoAAEFDH01   Ruco Pichincha Volcano (4794m) Hike      1D

Morning transfer to the “Teleferico” main entrance, and from here using the cable car we will be transported up to the top of the hill known as Cruz Loma (3900m). From here we will start our 2 hours hike to the base of the extinct volcano Ruco Pichincha (4774m). 

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Trekking-CotopaxiAAEFDT01 Trekking Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)   2D/1N

Day 1: Morning drive from Quito towards the Cotopaxi National Park, to the Limpiopungo valley at 3,800 m. Upon arrival set up camp tents and start hiking west, up to the foothills of the Rumiñahui Volcano. If weather permits we can enjoy great views of the Cotopaxi volcano and Mount Sincholagua.

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IngapircaAAEFDT02   Inca Trail to Ingapirca    4D/3N

Starting at the little village of Achupallas and ending at the Inca ruins of Ingapirca, this trek goes along colorful landscapes and offers beautiful views of the countryside.  This trail is part of the impressive system of roads built by the Incas and which connected Quito, the northern part of their empire, with the south of Chile.

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CONDOR-TREK-2AAEFDT03       Condor Trek    5D/4N

Trekking Antisana, Sincholagua & Cotopaxi Volcanoes
This exciting trek will take you up to the highlands of the Antisana Volcano, one of the most beautiful mountains of Ecuador. Later on we will trek to the base of the Sincholagua, an extinct volcano which offers great views of the Ecuadorian Andes.

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Mount-CarihuairazoAAEFDT04 Trekking Carihuairazo & Chimborazo   7D/6N

This is an exclusive and spectacular Andes Adventures trip that will take us along impressive mountain ranges of the Carihuairazo (5020m) and Chimborazo (6310m) volcanoes. Enjoy great views of the mountains, flora and fauna of Ecuador highlands. Our trek will end at the famous Chimborazo Whimper hut at 5000m.

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These programs are also designed as acclimatization trips before a serious climb. These acclimatizing programs give the climber a better chance in their attempt to reach a high summit.

All these trips start from Quito.


Cotopaxi-VolcanoAAEFDC01  Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)     2D/1N

Cotopaxi is known as one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Its summit reaches the altitude of 5897m above sea level and it is in fact one of the most impressive mountains in Ecuador.   


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Cotopaxi-Volcano-summit-5897mAAEFDC02   Cotopaxi Volcano South & North     3D/2N

This wonderful expedition will permit us to climb the South and north (main) summits of Cotopaxi following the interesting and challenging south route, then climbing to the main summit and descending via the normal north route. Also this tour give us a nice way of getting acclimatized to the high altitude.


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chimborazo-ecuador-hikingAAEFDC04 Ecuador Volcanoes Climbing Expedition    12D/11N   

Climbing Mount Corazon (4788m); North Illiniza (5120m); Cotopaxi (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m) Volcanoes.

Day 1: Arrival in Quito.
Transfer to the hotel.

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For all our Rafting Tours we can rent a neoprene wetsuit at an extra charge of us$ 5. - Per person per day.


Full-RaftingAAEFDR01   Full Day Rafting (Toachi or Blanco Rivers)    1D

The Toachi and Blanco Rivers are a fantastic introduction to the rivers of Ecuador. Flowing off the coastal side of the Andes they have some of the longest navigable sections of white water in the country.

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Mountain Biking


Over the last few years, Ecuador has become an interesting target for bikers from all around the world. It offers a wide variety of unspoiled trails and safe alternatives for all sorts of bikers. During the trip we will stop by the side of a river or other nice spots for a delicious picnic lunch including fresh tropical fruits, soft drinks and water. At the end of the trip we celebrate a fun day on the bike with a few ice-cold beers. All our biking trips include a bike (special sizes on request), helmets, elbow and knee protection, lunch box, guide, private transportation: car, tools and lots of water.


Coto-downhillAAEB01     Cotopaxi Downhill   1D

Early in the morning, drive southwards from Quito. After 3 hours we will arrive at the Cotopaxi National Park Limpiopungo valley, from where we drive directly up to the parking lot of the mountain hut (4,600 m). Visit to the Rivas refuge at 4,800 m and to the impressive glaciers. Afterwards mount cycles for a 2 km downhill run to the Limpiopungo valley. In the valley there are a variety of route options, which can be taken.

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A trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest is a unique experience. Because of its location near the Andes, the Ecuadorian jungle is known as tropical humid forest, one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world with a high number of endemic species of flora and fauna.


YacumaAAEJ01  Yacuma Ecolodge      4D/3N   

During the 3-hour drive from Quito to the town of Tena you will experience a dramatic change in climate, terrain and scenery. From Tena, we will head (2 hours more) for the indigenous village of San Pedro, where our canoe will be waiting to take us on a 30-minute journey down the Napo River to Yacuma Lodge.

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Yasuni-150AAEFDJ02 Yasuni National Park       6 days

The Yasuni National Park is made up of an infinite succession of small, smooth hills that are the result of the age-old flowing of the rivers and that are the general background to this area of immense biodiversity.

The park covers important basins of the rivers Napo, Yasuní, Tiputini, Nashiño.

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