Paises Trekking


Trekking on the highlands of the Andean countries is a wonderful experience. You will observe magnificent snow-caped peaks, impressive rocky walls, beautifully shaped volcanoes, a great diversity of flora and fauna, and overall you will have the opportunity to meet friendly local indigenous people!

We offer several trekking alternatives in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Each country filled with different landscapes, geography, and cultures.

In our trekking tours and expeditions we use only top-of-the-line equipment: Quality 4 season Eureka tents sized for 4 persons with 2 doors are provided for 2 participants, offering a comfortable way to rest after enjoying the day trek. Dinning tents, a kitchen tent, and an eco-toilet tent are supplied according to the group size.

Food is prepared by an experienced camp cook, taking into consideration, the need to replace energy, salts, and minerals lost during daily activities. Pasta is one of the main ingredients in our meals!



Each morning our camp crew serves, in your tent, a hot cup of tea or coffee, followed by a nutritive breakfast in our dinning tent. If weather is nice and clear, we can enjoy an abundant meal accompanied by views of the surroundings. Hot water is also provided for cleaning.

Heavy equipment is carried by mules, horses, or llamas depending of the country where we trek. You just have to carry a small backpack with the day's equipment. A nourishing box lunch together with water or tea for your canteen is offered.

All of our tours are leaded by professional, helpful, charming South American trekking guides (ASEGUIM licenced) who account with experience on hiking and climbing.

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