Trekking and hiking in Ecuador is an enjoyable experience. Our tours will take you along spectacular landscapes of great beauty. The country offers several trekking alternatives ranging from easy, soft adventures; to hard, more demanding trips. For our tours we provide first class camping equipment, professional mountain guides, private transportation, and meals.


Lago crater QuilotoaAAET01 Quilotoa Volcano & Lake (3800m) 2D/1N

Day 1: We drive from Quito south following the Pan-American Highway. On the way enjoy nice views of Cotopaxi and Illinizas volcanoes. Stop for lunch in a lovely hacienda. Then we continue our drive towards the town of Pujili and then up to the beautiful highlands of Zumbagua to finally reach the small indigenous settlement of Quilotoa. Overnight in very simple local indigenous houses located at the rim of the Quilotoa crater.

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Cotopaxi-VolcanoAAET02 Trekking Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)   2D/1N

Day 1: Morning drive from Quito towards the Cotopaxi National Park, to the Limpiopungo valley at 3800m. Upon arrival set up camp tents and start hiking west, up to the foothills of the Rumiñahui Volcano. If weather permits we can enjoy great views of the Cotopaxi volcano and Mount Sincholagua.

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IngapircaAAET03   Inca Trail to Ingapirca    4D/3N

Starting at the little village of Achupallas and ending at the Inca ruins of Ingapirca, this trek goes along colorful landscapes and offers beautiful views of the countryside.  This trail is part of the impressive system of roads built by the Incas which connected Quito, the northern part of their empire, with the south of Chile.  

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PinanAAET04   Trekking Yanahurco de Piñan    4D/3N

Yanahurco means Black Mountain and it is an interesting, steep, old volcano located in the Western Cordillera of the north of Ecuador. This soft adventure will take us through a beautiful landscape of lakes, streams and high paramos. With luck we will have a glimpse of the impressive flight of the Condor bird, the “King of the Andes”. 

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AAET05   Trekking Antisana Volcano (5705m)    3D/2N

The Andean region of the Antisana Volcano gives the trekker a wonderful view of the beautiful Ecuadorian Andes. During this trek we will have the opportunity to observe several species of Andean birds: caracaras, hummingbirds, mountain gals and the impressive Condor, one of biggest flying bird on the world. The tiny colorful flowers as the chuquiraguas, the lancentilla de paramo or the several species of gentians give the area an amazing look. 

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AntisanaAAET06   Trekking Antisana Volcano (5705m)    4D/3N

Day 1: From Quito transport by car to El Tambo on the highlands of Papallacta. From here equipment and luggage is carried by mules and the trek (4 hours) head south-west to the lower plains around the volcano lake. Camp I at 3800m. (LB, D). 

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CONDOR-TREK-2AAET07   Condor Trek    5D/4N

This exciting trek will take you up to the highlands of the Antisana Volcano, one of the most beautiful mountains of Ecuador. Later on we will trek to the base of the Sincholagua, an extinct rocky volcano which offers great views of the Ecuadorian Andes.Finally we will arrive to the plateau known as Limpiopungo, a flat valley located at the base of the impressive Cotopaxi Volcano, known as one of the highest active volcanos in the world.  

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anti-climbingAAET08    Trekking & Climbing Antisana   6D/5N

This combination is intended for climbers with very good climbing skills and good basic knowledge of the climbing techniques. This climb has no pre-designed route; the climbers (with the guide) must find the best and most suitable way to reach the summit. Definitely this is a very exciting adventure. 

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Mount-ChimborazoAAET09  Trekking Mount Chimborazo (6310m)   5D/4N

Mount Chimborazo is the highest and largest mountain in Ecuador and for a long time it was considered the highest mountain in the world (measured from the centre of the terrestrial globe, its summit is in fact the highest point on earth!). It has three major summits that can be seen during this trek. Vast areas with paramos and breathtaking views over the country and herds of vicuñas are the main highlights of this adventure.

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Camp-ChimborazoAAET10    Trekking & Climbing Chimborazo   6D/5N

This program features the same activities as the 5 day trekking tour but with an extra day to climb to the summit of Chimborazo.

Day 1: Early drive from Quito to Urbina train station. Our first 3 hours trek will take us to our first campsite at the foothills of Nicolas Martinez Peak in the vicinity of the impressive Abraspungo gorge. Camp at 3900m. (LB, D).

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Mount-CarihuairazoAAET11   Trekking Carihuairazo & Chimborazo   7D/6N

This is an exclusive and spectacular Andes Adventures trip that will take us along impressive mountain ranges of the Carihuairazo (5020m) and Chimborazo (6310m) volcanoes. Our trek will end at the famous Chimborazo Whimper hut at 5000m. 

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sangay volcanoAAET12  Trekking Sangay Volcano (5230m)     9D/8N

This trek leads us through some of the most unexplored and beautiful places in Ecuador, the Sangay National Park which contains an incredible biodiversity on the eastern side of the Ecuadorian Andes. The highlight of this trek is the climbing of the impressive Sangay Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. 


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These programs are also designed as acclimatization trips before a serious climb. These acclimatizing programs give the climber a better chance in their attempt to reach a high summit.

All these trips start from Quito.


papallactaAAEH01  Papallacta Highlands Hike   1D

This hike combines a beautiful hike on the Papallacta highlands with the fun and relaxing enjoyment of the hot water springs at Papallacta Thermal springs.
The tour starts with a drive eastwards towards the Amazon region. The road climbs up to its highest point (4100m), from where the trek starts on the highlands of the upper Papallacta Paramos.  

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PasochoaAAEH02   Pasochoa Volcano Hike (4200m)   1D

After a short drive southwards from Quito, we reach the Pasochoa Forest Reserve. Pasochoa is a dormant volcano, which has formed an open crater where many hiking trails can be found to enjoy the magnificent and unique flora and fauna of this nice area. Through dense bushes the gentle uphill trek rises to the top of Pasochoa. (LB)


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Guagua PichinAAEH03  Guagua Pichincha Volcano (4794m) Hike   1D

Drive west over the Pichincha range until the proximities of the hut located beneath the rim of this active volcano. Hike up to the hut and then continue towards a viewpoint located at the volcano rim. Enjoy the magnificent view over the west side of the volcano.


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Rucu-Pichin-AAEH04   Ruco Pichincha Volcano (4794m) Hike      1D

Morning transfer to the “Teleferico”, and from here using the cable car we will be transported up to the top of the hill known as Cruz Loma (3900m). From here we will start our 2 hours hike to the base of the extinct volcano Ruco Pichincha (4974m). The hike is easy with nice views of Quito and of the surrounding volcanoes. With good weather we will be able to see Cotopaxi, Antisana, Cayambe and other volcanoes.   


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mojandaAAEH05    Mojanda Lakes Hike   1D

This very attractive lake system lying at 3800m is located in the province of Imbabura, close to the Indian market of Otavalo.  Here a nice walk can be combined with a short (3 hours) easy climb to the summit of a rocky peak known as Fuya Fuya Volcano (4200m). (LB)


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Corazon-VolAAEH06     Corazon Volcano Hike (4786m)   1D

The tour begins with a drive to the south of Quito towards the little town of Machachi at the foothills of the Corazon Volcano. The trek goes over the foothills reaching a high ridge from where a trail leads to the summit of the mountain. Enjoy great views of Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui and Illiniza Volcanoes. (LB).


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Cotopaxi-volAAEH07    Cotopaxi Volcano Hike (5897m)    1D

The Cotopaxi National Park is located a 2-hours drive southwards from Quito. It offers impressive views on one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. The hike starts at the Limpiopungo valley (3800m) and heads out across the vast plains of the highlands to reach the Rivas Hut at 4800m. 


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Cayambe-volAAEH08    Cayambe Volcano Hike (5790m)     1D

Early in the morning we drive from Quito north towards the city of Cayambe, from where we continue our drive along the hacienda road close to the hut. 1 hour trek will take us to the snow line of the Cayambe Volcano. We hike to the glaciers approx. 400m above the hut from where we can expect a beautiful view over the western side of the Mountain.

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antisanaAAEH09  Antizana Volcano Hike (5705m)       1D

We start from Quito early in the morning heading east towards the small town of Pintag. Two hours later we are in one of the most beautiful paramos of the eastern part of Ecuador. The landscapes are magnificent, and here we will enjoy a great hike and the glimpse of many different native highland birds and giant herds of sheep together with a wonderful view of the impressive Antisana Volcano.

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AAEC01     Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)    2D/1N

Cotopaxi is known as one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Its summit reaches the altitude of 5897m above sea level and it is in fact one of the most impressive mountains in Ecuador.
Day 1: From Quito we drive south to the Cotopaxi National Park. Our transport will take us to the parking lot at 4600m.

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Cotopaxi-Volcano-summit-5897mAAEC02     Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m)    3D/2N

Day 1: From Quito we drive south towards the Cotopaxi National Park. Set up campsite on Limpiopungo valley (3800m).  In the afternoon we will make an acclimatization trek towards the rim (4600m) of the Rumiñahui Volcano. Return to the campsite. (LB, D).


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AAEC03     Cayambe Volcano (5790m)    2D/1N

The Cayambe (The Mountain of the Sun) is a high volcano located in the eastern range and close to the Amazon basin. An interesting fact is that this mountain is crossed by the equatorial line so is considered a sacred mountain (Apu) by the local indigenous people. 


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Mount-ChimborazoAAEC04    Chimborazo Volcano  (6310m)    2D/1N

Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest and largest mountain. For a long time it was considered as the world’s highest mountain (in fact it is due to the earth’s equatorial bulge, which makes the peak of Chimborazo the farthest point from the center of earth). Climbing this spectacular mountain is physically demanding but the breathtaking view is worth the effort. 


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chimborazo-ecuador-hikingAAEC05     Chimborazo Volcano (6310m)     3D/2N

Day 1: Early departure from Quito, by car drive south on the Pan-American Highway until we reach the slopes of Chimborazo. After approximately 5 hours the drive ends at the lower Carrel mountain hut (4800m). After lunch we will have time for an acclimatization walk.


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illinizaAAEC06     North Illiniza (5100m)     2D/1N

The North Illiniza is a great mountain as a preparation for more challenging climbs.

Day 1: Early departure from Quito by car towards Machachi and then continue to the hacienda “El Refugio” at 2800m.  From here we start our hike towards the upper hills at the base of the North Illiniza on the place known as La Virgen at 3900m where we set up our camp. (LB, D).

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Iliniza Sur Ecuador 0576aAAEC07     South Illiniza (5248m)     2D/1N

The South Illiniza offers different climbing experiences with different routes, all of them demanding technical skills.  This mountain offers a great opportunity for an exciting climb.



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antisanaAAEC08      Antizana Volcano (5753m)     3D/2N

For experienced climbers Antisana is one of the most exciting and challenging mountains in Ecuador. Nevertheless, non-technical climbers following the normal route that goes on the south-western slopes can also climb it (of course accompanied by one of our professional, experienced mountain guides).

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AAEP01     Trekking & Climbing on The Cotopaxi National Park Volcanoes      10D/9N

The Cotopaxi National Park, with an area of 35000 hectares, is a very interesting and beautiful natural area for eager climbers and adventurers. The valley of Limpiopungo at an average height of 3800m is located at the base of the following volcanoes: the Rumiñahui (4712m), the Sincholagua (4898m) and the Cotopaxi (5897m).



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CorazonAAEP02    The Volcanoes Climbing Expedition     12D/11N

Climbing Mount Corazon (4788m); North Illiniza (5120m); Cotopaxi (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m) Volcanoes.

Day 1: Arrival in Quito.
Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodations in very good quality 3 star hotels (upgrades upon request).

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AAEP03    Climbing the Avenue of the Volcanoes     16D/15N

During this trip we can enjoy the marvels of ice and snow climbing in the middle of the world. We will climb five mountains in Ecuador: Imbabura (4600m), Cayambe (5780m), North Illiniza (5116m), Cotopaxi Volcano (5897m) and Chimborazo (6310m).

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volcan-cayambeAAEP04     Climbing Volcanoes & Jungle Tour    15D/14N

This tour combines the climbing of Cayambe and Cotopaxi volcanoes with a previous acclimatization on lower altitude mountains. Then you will enjoy an expedition to the marvelous and intriguing Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.                                                    

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cotopaxi-15AAEP06     Trekking Ecuador    16D/15N

Ecuador, one of the smallest of the Andean nations, is a land of breathtaking variety and home to numerous snow-capped volcanoes and peaks of the high Andes. This exclusive Andes Adventures tour is designed around two challenging and rewarding high-altitude treks.


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ECUADOR is considered as one of the hot-spots for white water rafting in the world. Our Ecuador Rafting trips will take you to enjoy exciting 1 or 2 day tours on Blanco river and Toachi river. These are fantastic introductions to the Ecuador rivers. Flowing off the coastal side of the Andes, they have some of the longest navigable sections of white water in the country. We also take you to one of the best kept river secrets in the world, the Upano river, for a tour up to 5 or 8 days.
For all our Rafting Tours we can rent a neoprene wetsuit at an extra charge of us$ 5. - Per person per day.


Full-RaftingAAER01   Full Day Rafting (Toachi or Blanco Rivers)    1D

The Toachi and Blanco Rivers are a fantastic introduction to the rivers of Ecuador. Flowing off the coastal side of the Andes they have some of the longest navigable sections of white water in the country. Combine this with the sights and sounds of the forest environment we pass through and you are guaranteed a day to remember.

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Rafting-ToachiAAER02    Rafting Toachi and/or Blanco rivers       2D/1N

Day 1: The day starts when we pick you up from our meeting point. Transport to Santo Domingo de los Colorados, from where we drive approximately 15 minutes to the put-in, where the adventure starts.



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HeadwatersAAER03    The Headwaters Run    1 o r 2 Day
2 Day Quijos River Trip (Over 50Km, Class IV+)

The Quijos is set to become Ecuador’s premier white water trip with mile after mile of class IV-IV+ rapids and spectacular jungle scenery. Expect to run more white water in a day than you’d do in a week elsewhere. This trip is for experienced rafters that are confident swimmers.


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Rio-UpanoAAER04   Upano River - Namangosa Gorge Rafting     5D/4N

A journey down the Upano River is a very special experience. Rafting the Upano we witness the many moods and changing character of a jungle river.  We set off on a shallow and braided river having to choose a route where the waters divide into numerous channels. The pace steadily increases until the river plunges into the magnificent Namangosa Gorge.


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coto bikingAAER05   Double Down: Biking (or Trekking) & Rafting Adventure   2D/1N

Day 1: Early in the morning, drive southwards from Quito. After 3 hours we will arrive at the Cotopaxi National Park Limpiopungo valley, from where we drive directly up to the parking lot of the mountain hut (4600m). Visit the Rivas refuge at 4800m and the impressive glaciers. Afterwards mount cycles for a 2 km downhill run to the Limpiopungo valley.

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Mountain Biking


Over the last few years, Ecuador has become an interesting target for bikers from all around the world. It offers a wide variety of unspoiled trails and safe alternatives for all sorts of bikers. During the trip we will stop by the side of a river or other nice spots for a delicious picnic lunch including fresh tropical fruits, soft drinks and water. At the end of the trip we celebrate a fun day on the bike with a few ice-cold beers. All our biking trips include a bike (special sizes on request), helmets, elbow and knee protection, lunch box, guide, private transportation: car, tools and lot of water.


Coto-downhillAAEB01     Cotopaxi Downhill   1D

Early in the morning, we drive southwards from Quito. After 3 hours we will arrive at the Cotopaxi National Park's Limpiopungo valley, from where we drive directly up to the parking lot of the mountain hut (4600m). We visit the Rivas refuge at 4800m and the impressive glaciers. Afterwards mount cycles for a 2 km downhill run to the Limpiopungo valley.

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tandayapa-downhillAAEB02     The Tandayapa Downhill  1D

Drive by car up to the highest point of the road to Nono, en-route enjoying a perfect view of northern Quito. The downhill starts on a cobbled stone road until reaching Nono. From here, and after a small uphill ride, the adventure begins; with gorgeous scenery, rolling between the mountains and the Tandayapa River.


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guagua-pichinchaAAEB03    Guagua Pichincha Downhill    1D

This is remarkable tour, which starts right at the rim of the crater of Guagua Pichincha (4500m). We drive from Quito to the parking area near the hut of the volcano; from there we do a 15-30 minute walk to the rim of the crater to see and enjoy the impressive views of the crater and the western lands of the country.


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Biking-CotopaxiAAEB04     Biking Cotopaxi & Quilotoa Volcanoes    2D/1N

Day 1: Biking Cotopaxi Volcano: Early in the morning, drive southwards from Quito. After 3 hours we will arrive at the Cotopaxi National Park Limpiopungo valley, from where we drive directly up to the parking lot of the mountain hut (4600m). Visit the Rivas refuge at 4800m and the impressive glaciers. Afterwards mount cycles for a 2km downhill run to the Limpiopungo valley. In the valley there is a variety of route options, which can be taken.

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Horseback Riding


Horse Riding in Ecuador is an enjoyable as well as amazing experience. Several haciendas of the country side offer excellent alternatives to enjoy a horse ride while observing the beautiful landscape of Ecuador with high snowy peaks and fertile green meadows.


Cotopaxi-parkAAES01    Cotopaxi National Park   1D   

This is a wonderful experience on horseback, at the foothills of the impressive Cotopaxi Volcano. You ride through plain landmarks and valleys surrounded by a magnificent natural scenery.

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pululahua-tourAAES02    Pululahua Volcano    1Day

Transport from Quito to the inside of the crater of the National Reserve Pululahua located 25 miles north from Quito. Robust and amiable mountain horses will take us through the stunning landscape of this ancient volcanic crater with its constantly changing sceneries and huge bio-diversity.

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RumiahuiCotoAAES03   Rumiñahui and Cotopaxi Volcanoes      2D/1N

This program combines a horse ride along the beautiful highlands of the Rumiñahui Volcano and Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Overnight will be in a comfortable camp. You will have incomparable surroundings where you can appreciate the beautiful wild landscapes.

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A trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest is a unique experience. Because of its location near the Andes, the Ecuadorian jungle is known as tropical humid forest, one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world with a high number of endemic species of flora and fauna.


YacumaAAEJ01  Yacuma Ecolodge      4D/3N   

During the 3-hour drive from Quito to the town of Tena you will experience a dramatic change in climate, terrain and scenery. From Tena, we will head (2 hours more) for the indigenous village of San Pedro, where our canoe will be waiting to take us on a 30-minute journey down the Napo River to Yacuma Lodge.

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HuaoraniAAEJ02  Huaorani Adventure 5, 6 or 7 days

The Yasuni National Park is made up of an infinite succession of small, smooth hills that are the result of the age-old flowing of the rivers and that are the general background to this area of immense biodiversity.

The park covers important basins of the rivers Napo, Yasuní, Tiputini, Nashiño, Cononaco and various tributaries of the Curaray River which forms the southern border of the Park.

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